Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy First Birthday, James!

Happy Birthday to our awesome son, this has been the most amazing year and we love you so much!  You've changed our lives for the better and bring us so much laughter and joy! 

Steven James
25.5 lbs, 33.5 in
Says Mama & Dad once in a while, not often. 
Babbles constantly and is loud! 
Holds up his pointer finger when you ask how old he is.  "I'm ONE"
Puts both hands up to show he's "So Big"
Super speedy walker and is getting better every day.  Does not like to have his hand held while walking.
Loves his trucks and train, vocalizes the "vroom-vroom"
Plays with his wooden blocks and mega blocks, we make towers and he knocks them over then claps for himself!
Throws the ball back and fourth
Loves Lacy and she tolerates him.
Plays with Daddy's Chem Lights (glow sticks)
Likes to ride and push his tricycle.
Snuggles his Teddy bear and big green foam pillow in bed.
Loves to read books
Sits on the couch and eats goldfish with Daddy.
Runs to the tub when you say "It's Bath time" and loves every minute in there!
Likes to run around naked after bath time and do the "no pants dance"
Plays Peek-A-Boo and Pat-A-Cake
Runs away when we chase him and will chase us in return.
Can clap and cough on demand
Does not like being told NO and throws fits :(
Does not like to sit still, he has places to go and people to see.
Has 6 teeth (4 top, 2 bottom) and gives a big toothy grin when you ask to see them.
Favorite Foods: bananas, eggs, pasta, meat, milk, peas, broccoli, cheese...almost anything you put in front of him!
Size 24 months or 2T clothes, size 5 shoes.
Still not much hair, but it's growing!
Having a little separation anxiety, but we're working through it.
Learning to manipulate and whines for what he wants.  We're putting a stop to it, but he's persistent! 


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