Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sprinkler Fun

Steven and I have been working on landscaping these last couple weekends, and James loves to be right there "helping" us out.  Unfortunately, it has been super hot outside....90 degrees and 90% humidity...yikes. We've been turning on the sprinkler and letting James play while we work, and he's had a blast.  He loves to run from sprinkler to sprinkler and stand right over the top of them.  At least he's staying cool! 

 Below, James has been working at stacking his blocks, and he made this tower almost completely by himself!  I only straightened out two so it wouldn't fall over!  Then he likes to completely demolish them and throw them all over the room!
 He's also been doing double time with his toys lately.  The train or truck alone are not enough, he has to pull them together!

 Loves his mommy's shoes :)
 This may be good leverage down the road.  i took off his pants to change his diaper and he refused to put them back on.  Then he wanted to put on his sandals....yes, with socks.  yikes.  This is Steven's son....... :)

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