Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wedding Showers

Two of my best friends from high school are getting married this summer, and we had a "Roots and Wings" shower to celebrate!  Roots and Wings is what we call ourselves...I know, you may think that's kinda cheesey, but it's unique that there are 11 of us from high school that still make the effort to stay connected.  Our "wings" have taken us all over this country for college or careers, but our "roots" keep us coming back together once a year (or every other) in Ft. Wayne.  We were missing Megan and Danielle, but they were there in spirit!  :)

Congratulations Janelle & Justin and Angie & Steve! 

 Angie, Janelle, Jenae
 Top L: Angie, Lyndsey, Janelle, Nicole, Jody, Jenae, Mandy.  Bottom L:  Heather, Zehra

 Lyndsey and Heather
 Jody and me

  They both received these aprons that I thought were very cool...I want one!  :)

Angie's mom thought her bow-bouquet would look much better as a hat!  Angie can make just about anything look good!  :)

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