Monday, May 16, 2011


Wow, it has been a long time since my last post, I'm so sorry Grandmas and Grandpas who are counting on pictures.  It has been a crazy CRAZY crazy fun stressful whirlwind of a couple weeks!  We moved into our new home in Savannah and are FINALLY completely unpacked!  Yesterday we finished organizing the garage and cleaned out the extra bedroom, which was has been the "catch-all" since we moved.  WhooHoo!!  it feels so good to be done.  Now we can start decorating these white walls a little bit. 

We want to say a special "Thank You" to my mom who helped me drive the 16 hours from Ft. Wayne to Savannah with James and our dog.  I can't imagine the drama it would've been without her.  She is such great company and help!  She not only took time off work to drive (which isn't fun), but worked her little tushy off to help us unpack so much of our house.  We couldn't have done it without you, mom.  Thank you so much! 

James LOVES all of the space in this house.  He's driving his train and trucks all around, making laps around the kitchen and living room!  There is so much room for him to run a play!  We also took our first trip to the beach when my mom was in town, and James had the time of his life!  He ran into the waves, played in the sand and just had a blast.  Of course, his extremely prepared mother did not bring the camera...ugh...I'm still kicking myself.  It will be attached to my hand this coming weekend when we venture out to Tybee Island again. 

As for getting some color into this white house, we're waiting for our dining room table to arrive, as well as a pub table for the kitchen, then our downstairs won't be so bare.  :)  We did get two chairs and an ottoman for the den which we're loving already!  We'd like to get a different rug for the den but haven't found one we love yet.  As soon as we do, I'm hoping it will be easier to take the jump into painting and decorating.  Until then, I'll be shopping!  :) 

Aunt Jan, James absolutely loves the train you got him for Christmas.  He plays with it non-stop all day, and says "choo-choo" while he pulls it around!  Thank you!

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Regan Huneycutt said...

Love the new chairs and ottoman as well as the rug! Great choices! I know you are having fun setting up your new home. Can't wait to see it! :)