Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Christmas Fun

Grandma has a huge bin of Christmas Bears that she got out for James to play with.  He does love to snuggle soft teddys!

 Anna sits on mom's lap each Christmas to have the Reindeer book read to her, James joined this year.  how cute is this!

 Anna and Scott's new kitten, Sheldon, was quite a joy!  He played nonstop all day, chased the strings, carried toys around in his mouth, and loved attention.  James has so much fun playing with him. 

 James and Grandma sat and watched the birds for a little while every day. 

Dad's best friend, Larry, is a member at the gun club (whatever it's called) in Ft. Wayne and is an expert marksman/hunter.  Combined with the arsenal Steven brought up with him, we had quite the gun show! Steven was a great teacher and spent lots of time with each of us, showing us the rules and proper technique.  We had a great time!

Greg & Sarah, Anna & Scott, Jenae & Steven
Dad (left) and Larry.

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Rob and Delilah said...

Steven looks so natural in all the range photos. He must be a natural...or he practices an awful lot. :)