Monday, June 6, 2011

Home Updates

We've been working really hard at getting the house landscaped and decorated. We're finally at a place where we can relax a little least downstairs. The upstairs is still all white and empty, but we keep reminding ourselves that small steps are the key. We will get there eventually. Here are a few pictures...

 Below: These flowers are called Lantana.  They're a perennial bush in the South that mounds and blooms all summer, also drought resistant! 
 Below:  These bushes are called Loropetalum, and you can kinda see the bright pink flowers they have if you looks really closely.  They'll stay green/purple all year which was important to me!
 Below:  These are the blooms on our new Crepe Myrtle trees that we planted on both sides of the house.  Maybe next week we'll have some flowers! 
 Below:  The two Red Maples that we planted in the back yard.  Our grass is still struggling, but it's not ALL brown like it was when we moved in!  We plan to make two big landscaping area in the backyard around the trees next spring. 
 Below:  Here's the den and dining room...finally with a dining room table and some curtains up!  yay!  We still have a ways to go....we're going to make some wine racks to hang on the walls, and I'm sure we'll put up some more artwork, but for now at least it has some personality!

 Below:  The new pub table in our kitchen with my awesome paisley curtains (love love love).  It's counter height which is nice when I need some extra counter space to cook! 
 The new TV we bought using the money we got for using the USAA Mover's Advantage Program!  Notice the awesome TV stand that Steven made this past Saturday....he's so handy!  He even came up with the idea for the curved sides!  He's a keeper!


Erin said...

It all looks so good Jenae! I can't wait to see it in person! Steven, the TV stand looks great handy! Miss you guys!

Regan Huneycutt said...

Looks awesome!

Legaspi Family said...

Your house is beautiful! I can't wait to come visit soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome Jenae. Love Lantana. Mikes mom grows it at her lake every year. :) See you soon.

Kelly Gray said...

Thanks for all the updates Jenae. Sounds like y'all are getting settled in nicely! Your home is beautiful. We miss y'all! Give James a BIG kiss for us! Hugs!