Friday, June 10, 2011

moon walks and new friends

James and I made new friends this week and today we met them at a kid's play land that has bouncy houses and playground equipment.  James really had a blast, but he's still a little too small to really get the full experience.  I got in the inflatables with him and helped him climb up the slides so he could go down, and bounced with him in the moon walk.  He was all smiles, and when he got tired, he just played with the little wooden box puzzle things...whatever they're called.  I had a nice time meeting some new friends, other army wives and stay at home moms.  I'm especially thankful for a new friend, Karen.  Steven and her husband work together, and we met coincidentally at church a couple weeks ago.  She came over for lunch this Thursday and we hit it off.  I'm so thankful for other army wives who have also been friendless at one point or another, it makes the friend-making process painless and inclusive.  :)
One extra exciting piece of news...I met the woman behind a blog that I've been following called "Me, My Soldier and Our 4 Little Chicks."  I found out about this blog through either Erin or Regan when I was in Clarksville, none of us knew her, just liked her super crafty, creative, and inspirational blog.  Anyway, she was really nice and has 4 sweet kiddos, and it's always cool to put a face with a name.  :)
It was a really great day all around!

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Regan Huneycutt said...

I am ridiculously jealous that you met Stephanie Howell! I have such a celebrity crush on her! Ha! So glad you are meeting new people -- I am in the exact same boat as you right now and can totally relate. Glad you had a good time!