Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Splash Park Fun

I took our little ball of fun to the splash park on post last Friday.    I thought he'd sleep the whole way there so he'd be fresh and fun...well that didn't work out exactly as planned.  He lasted about 20 good minutes at the park and then had the biggest meltdown I've ever seen.  Thank goodness that tantrum was in the bathroom where no one else was there to witness it, I was mortified by his behavior.  He just needed a nap, but wow...it was brutal.  :)  At least I got a couple cute videos of him enjoying the slide and fountains.  We'll try again next week, but AFTER a nap.
He did have a great time though before he hit the wall.  He ran around, swung his arms back and fourth, giggled, went down the slide about 10 times, and loved getting sprayed, it was pretty cute.

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Regan Huneycutt said...

James looks like such a big boy in those swim trunks and that hat! I love it!