Monday, December 26, 2011

Blue Eyes and Tools

James had such a fun time with his Gramma Sue, Grandpa Jim, great-grandparents and all his aunts and uncles while home for Christmas.  We stayed with my parents and that made for lots of special times with his Gramma Sue...which he pronounces "Bow-due"....we're working hard on pronunciation, but I think it's just going to take some time :) 
We always enjoy our time at home and really wish we lived closer!  My parents, siblings and their spouses are so great, we always have so much fun together.  At least we're fortunate enough to get some time each year to spend together...I hope that continues :) 

 James was such a big, messy help in the kitchen :)  GrammaSue always has a job for you!

 They set up the nativity scene together and James played with that thing all week.  It had so many fun things like animals, pitchers, a fire, wagons, was hours of entertainment...some broken ears off the sheep, but we glued thoses suckers back on :)  
 Here's where he gets those blue eyes!  (also from his grandpa Steve...we'll take that pic next time we're in WA)

 Steven and I had a chance to get away for a date night, we celebrated steven's 32nd birthday.  I wanted to snap a pic of took us like 10 shots to get one with his eyes open, and he was getting a little tired of taking photos.  well here you go, Steven, next time you want to be a smart-alec, remember how i can capture it forever on this wonderful blog.  :)  hehee! 
 Christmas morning!  James passed out all of the presents, and felt like such a big helper, it was adorable.  He found so many for himself, too and had so much fun opening his gifts this year. Two is definitely my favorite age so far...he's so expressive, entertained by everything, has so much to say, and loves being the center of attention. 
 Running back to the pile from handing out a was so exciting!  I had his cute little Christmas morning PJ's on him...then of course, they got a little soaked this is the result.  oh well, still cute :)

 Opening his tool bench from grandma and grandpa!

Loves to hammer! 

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