Thursday, December 15, 2011

Diaper Man, Vaseline, and Silly Faces

 Who dresses this kid?  :)  hahaa.  Dressing him in PJ's that match is last on the list of priorities in this household...but having fun IS on the list!  James really wanted to play "Diaper Man" this night.  We giggled. :P

One day after his nap, I hear James walking around upstairs.  I call for him to come down, and he makes his way down the stairs and into the kitchen where I'm making lunch.  He peeks around the corner with a big smile, and I see all this goo on his face and hands.  VASELINE.  ugh.  I like to blame this one on my mother.  My siblings will attest to this story....growing up it was the ongoing joke that mom rubs Vaseline all over her face and then kisses us.  She claims it's the world's best kept beauty secret.  She says she just puts it on her lips...but we know the truth.  She rubs it all over her face...and I mean ALL over.  eewwwwww.  yes, you can say it. ewwwww.  it is gross. 
Anyway, back to the story....I do own a jar....I guess my mom wasn't completely crazy, it is a fantastic moisturizer and I do use it on my lips ONLY!   However, I do not rub it all over my face and then rub my face all over my kids.  Nonetheless, James found my Vaseline on my nightstand and got into it.  All over his hands, face, up his nose, and on the stair walls.  not fun.  By the time i found my camera to snap this picture, he'd been waiting for a while not allowed to move, and the fun had worn off.  The Vaseline is no longer on the nightstand.  :)

Just being cute.  He has so many silly faces.  I love this one! 

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Legaspi Family said...

James is trying to keep his youthful face! What a cutie pie!!