Thursday, December 22, 2011

Family Photos

We were all together this Christmas and finally took advantage of the situation and snaped a few photos!  Luckily this girl got an amazing early Christmas present from her thoughtful, wonderful, awesome husband......a new camera!!  yippie!!  more on that later!  These were some of my first pictures with it, not too bad. :) 

 My parents, Jim and Sue
 Greg and Sarah (brother and sister-in-law)
 Anna and Scott (sister and brother-in-law)
 Me and my two guys <3...and the cars that never leave this kids hands!


Regan Huneycutt said...

Beautiful photos!!! Great job! Love that sweater you're wearing. :)

Legaspi Family said...

Love all of the pics with your new camera! I still need to learn how to use mine!!!