Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm TWO!

Steven James:  Two years old today!

33.2 lbs
36 inches tall
Size 2T-3T clothes
7.5-8 shoes
Size 4 diapers...I think we need to move to 5's
  • Loves his Daddy more than words can express.  Likes me when Daddy isn't around, then I'm chopped liver when he's home :)  
  • Sleeps 7:30pm-6:00am (usually 5:45am), and takes a 2-2.5 hour nap around 11am. 
  • Loves to play with trains and cars, push the stroller, build towers, read books, take baths, brush his hair, wrestle Daddy, paint, color, and play outside.
  • Says lots of words, and a few are actually decipherable to the untrained ear. 
  • Has 2, 3 and 4 word sentences.  usually about food, "More cheese please, mom"
  • Timeout actually works now.  He will sit on the step and not move until I come to get him.  YES!
  • Has no interest in potty training yet.  Sits on his little "Cars" potty with all his clothes on and thinks that's pretty fun. 
  • Helps me unload the dishwasher and knows where most things go
  • Climbs on everything.  Especially the couch and then likes to body-slam himself into the cushions when we're not looking....he's going to crack his skull
  • If there isn't a bruise, scrape or bump on his head then it hasn't been a very fun week.  :)
  • Loves to spin and then fall down.  Ring-around-the-Rosie if we'll play, but just as happy spinning and falling by himself, then giggles like crazy. 
  • Loves to get and give belly busters
  • Tells me when he's ready for a nap, says "Pillow and Binkey" and heads for the stairs.
  • Wants Daddy to snuggle him at bed-time...not mommy.  :(   doing great in his toddler bed. 
  • The only fruits and veggies I can get him to eat are bananas, peas, sweet & regular potatoes and smoothies.  drives.me.crazy.  he won't even try anything.  this is Steven's fault!
  • He would eat "toast" with peanut butter at every meal if I let him...and yogurt. 
  • Gives good kisses!  Will pucker his lips, and make the kissing sound against your cheek, or the teddy bear's.  :)
  • Knows how to unlock my Nook and find the puzzle and sounds apps!  wow
  • Loves Mickey Mouse, Cars, the Polar Express, and any animated movie.  He's really starting to respond and laugh at the shows.  Too cute!

 Come on, mom...are we done yet? 


Legaspi Family said...

Happy Belated Birthday James! He is growing so fast and is such a sweet boy. Miss you guys!!!

Erin said...

Can't believe he already two! He looks so grown up in these pictures. I can't wait to see him soon. I hope you had a great Christmas with your family. Talk soon!

Anonymous said...

Steven James is so much fun to "play with"! He is very busy and has so many interesting things to say about everything! I can't wait until I actually know what he is saying! Our conversations will be even more fun! I was so lucky to play with this little guy for several days and with his parents too . . .. what a pleasure!