Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Aunt Anna Visit

My sister, Anna, had some extra time before she had to be back at school, and decided to pay us a visit! We really enjoyed having her here, she was such a wonderful help and great company. It has been so nice these last few years to really get to know my sister and become good friends....With me being 8 years older, I went off to college 12 hours away and we didn't have the chance to develop a real relationship until just a few years ago. I'm so happy to now say that she is one of my best friends and such an awesome woman!

We didn't do anything too exciting during her visit. I was sick the first day she was here and not much fun at all. The rest of the week we watched countless episodes of "Friends," some movies, she helped cook, clean and play with James. We also spent some really exciting time in the DEERS waiting room and the Hospital Pharmacy...ugh! Anyway, we enjoyed our time and I'm sad to see her go. Anna, come back soon!!!

Below are many pictures from this morning. Grandma Sue insists on seeing every picture I hence the same type of picture over and's okay though, it's hard to pick which one to post when they're all so darn cute! :-)

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ReganHuneycutt said...

James looks different to me in these photos than just a few days ago. Much more like Steven. One thing is for sure -- he is super cute!