Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bath Time!

James' belly button fell off last night so it was bath time this morning! I thought he would scream, he did not like his sponge baths at all so I was expecting a total meltdown. Instead, he just laid there and took it like a big boy! :-)

Grandma Sue taught us a little trick for extra soft skin. Put baby oil on before the bath, give him a nice little oil massage, then put him into the tub to wash. It worked great. James loved the hands on attention and is now super soft and smells so good! What a darlin!

look at that HUGE belly! wow!!!


Legaspi Family said...

What a little darling! I can't wait to meet him!!! I hope to be up for a visit in March sometime. I got your baby announcement the other day. Super cute!

Schmit Family said...

So sweet!