Monday, January 25, 2010

So Spoiled!

We are so blessed to have a few friends who have some major skills in the photography arena. Last week, Erin took the awesome pictures of me and James, and this past weekend my other friend, Regan, took these pictures of all of us. When everyone offers their expertise, it would just be foolish to say no! We want to offer sincere thanks to both of you wonderful women for spending so much time and effort! These pictures are so wonderful!

So, Saturday afternoon we went out to Boy Scout Park here in Clarksville, and the weather was perfectly overcast and a nice 58 degrees. James was in the middle of his nap time, so getting him awake without screaming was quite a job. However, Regan rolled with it and did such an amazing job! How do we choose?

It's so funny...when we got home and were looking at the pictures, Steven said, "Man, we look tired!" So true. James has been sleeping decently at night, but the 3 hours in between feedings means only about 2 hours of sleep at a time! We also think he's going through a growth spurt because the last two nights he's been super fussy and wants to eat every 2-2.5 definitely wears on you! We are really looking forward to the day he sleeps through the night. I know we need to keep things in perspective...James is only 5 weeks old...but one can hope!

On the bright side, he is being quite a bit more vocal, which is so fun. He makes these adorable little noises and is having more alert awake time! We cannot wait to see him smile! hopefully that's not too far away.

Peek-A-Boo. How cute is James peeking out over Steven's shoulder?? I love this one!

I think one of these last two is going to be a mantle picture. You know it's us...but it's more of a piece of art and a little less intrusive for a mantle piece. What do you think?


Legaspi Family said...

These are so special! You all look great and James looks like he is filling out. I guess eating every two hours will do that to you! Don't worry the sleep will come. I agree the last two pics would be perfect for above the mantle! My fave would be the one that is taken closer. They are all so good!!!

Schmit Family said...

Great pictures! Chris and I think James looks very different from when we saw him the week before! Too cute: )