Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photo Shoot

James and I went to my girlfriend Erin's house on Saturday morning to take some photos. Erin got this amazing camera for Christmas and she wanted to practice using it...we were happy to be the subjects! She did a lot of research on infant photo staging and had all of these great ideas for us. As you can see below, they turned out so wonderful! Erin, thank you so much! The hard part now is deciding which photos to put up in the house...I'm sure many will make the cut!

Which ones do you like best??

Loves his pacifier
We yanked the pacifier, and James is not happy
and now he's really mad!

Old Man James


Schmit Family said...

They are all so beautiful! You may just need to put every one of them up. It could be the new "Baby James" wallpaper: )

Marinela said...

They are all good shoots! Good job to Erin ( you will have to show me your tips;),and good job to a pretty mommy and a beautiful baby who posed like a model! I like the third one a lot:)