Sunday, January 10, 2010

What's with the name?

So after talking to some of my family, I realized that I never explained why we chose the name we did for our son. We liked the idea of having some significance behind his name, and that brought us to Steven James. My husband's name is Steven as well as his dad's, and my dad's name is James. Both Steven and his dad have different middle names, so our son is not technically a 3rd, but we like to think we're keeping the tradition alive...even though we're calling him "James" instead of Steven. Also, unless we have another boy down the road, James is the last "Fundingsland" male, so we're excited the name will continue for another generation.

Anyway, there you have it...James is named after his Grandpas, two men who we love and respect so much!

Also, on Saturday morning, James and I went to my girlfriend Erin's house to take some photos. I'm going to pick up the images from her tomorrow...but she posted some on her blog today if you want a sneak peak. Thanks you, Erin, so much! They are awesome. I'll get some images up on here soon....until then, click on "The Huberts" link on My Blog List.

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