Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crazy Crawler...

One week ago James began to really more rocking and face-planting, but actually crawling.  He's been all over the place this week, into everything, and keeping me on my toes!  He's got his little basket full of toys that he crawls up to and picks out his favorite.  He follows Lacy around everywhere, and just when he's got his little hand out to touch her, she'll get up and walk away...she really does keep him entertained!  Also, James was a great help with the laundry this week.  I had a few piles of nicely folded clothes and he plowed right over them.  I tried to keep him distracted with the laundry baskets, and that worked for a bit, until he found the stairs!  He's pulling himself up to standing, we can't believe it's happening already!  We had to lower his crib because he was climbing up the sides!  Ahhh!  Life is definitely exciting!

This picture is a little funny looking, but it was taken in the dark, the first thing in the morning when he woke up.  We moved the crib down this weekend!

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