Saturday, August 7, 2010

Zoo Adventure

Last weekend we ventured out into the heat to visit the Nashville Zoo.  Since James is obsessed with watching Lacy, we thought he'd really like to see all the animals...and he did for a bit.  The problem was the heat, there was a heat index of like 105 and 95% humidity, so it was quite miserable not just for us, but for the animals too.  They were all sleeping in the shade or hiding out in a den, completely still.  Not a whole lot of action going on to keep James (or our) attention.  It was a good idea, in theory, but I think we'll wait until a nice 65 degree day in October to visit again.  :-)   It really is a beautiful zoo, so we'll definitely be going back. 

This cute little meercat was sitting like this the whole time we were watching, it was hilarious!
The heat had taken it's toll and we were DONE!  James was such a trooper though, he didn't cry or fuss too much, just was miserable like this....  :-)  poor little man. 


Legaspi Family said...

Oh cute! I love the one of James cheesing it up for the camera. The first time we took Ava to the zoo it was hot like that too. I hope to get to see you all when we are up next weekend!!!

Rob and Delilah said...

I was reading your blog and all I could hear was "baby dames, mommy, baby dames!" Kreid just loves his "baby dames" :)