Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crazy Eights...

James is eight months old.  Does that seem crazy to anyone besides me??  where did our little baby go?  He's almost a toddler!!!!  I didn't think it was possible to crawl as fast as he does...turn your head for one minute and he's hanging on the plant stand or in the bathroom trying to climb into the tub!  agghhhh! 
We had to move him out of his baby tub into the full size one this week, but I didn't know how much he'd miss it!  I left it in the bathroom to dry out after the last time we used it, and a couple hours later he was back in it.  It's his new favorite toy!  He's in and out of that thing a hundred times a day.  I had to move it into the living/toy room because i was afraid he was going to fall and crack his head on the bathroom tile as much as he face plants out of it!  :-) 
His other favorite toy this week is his green car.  He stands up and is working on taking some steps while holding onto it.  He also likes to put his hands on whatever toy he has, stand up, and push the toy across the a bear crawl. 

The day starts out with this black basket full of his toys, and after about a half an hour, the living room looks like this...I need to get a picture of him leaning over with his head in the basket!  so cute
James definitely knows his daddy!  When Steven walks through the door on Friday night, James squeals, laughs, and makes a B-Line for his daddy.   Melts our hearts!

He found Lacy's "I need to go out" bell this week too.  Don't worry, I cleaned it like crazy before I let him eat it!  :-)

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Debe said...

OMG!!! The pictures rae just too cute. Love you guys. Debe