Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Steven spent Jan 9-Feb 4 at Ft. Riley, Kansas doing some training, so James and I held down the fort here at home.  It was a rough month.  James and I got sick the week after he left, then my back went out (so thankful for wonderful friends who helped me out!), then we got even more sicker (hahaa...yes that's a word), and spent too much time at the doctor's office. However, I did capture some much needed snuggle time with my little James while we vegged out. I guess it could've been worse, but it wasn't fun, and put a damper on lots of my craft projects this month :)  Oh well, Steven's home now which instantly makes all things better! 
We did enjoy lots of outdoor time in this wonderful GA winter weather.  It has been between 65 and 75 degrees most days, which is pretty close to perfect in my book!  In fact, I was pretty excited that Phil, the groundhog, said there would be 6 more weeks of winter!  Keep this beautiful weather coming! 

Cutting the lawn with his bubble mower.

 Practicing his caravan maneuvers....it starts young. 
 "I did it!" he cheers each time he gets a puzzle piece to fit!  He loves his puzzles....we put them together 10 times a day, at least!
Couch Fort!  always a fun game :)

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