Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Twin Bed Project

While in Fort Wayne for Christmas, Steven and my dad made a bunk bed for camp using the "Simple Bed" plan from http://www.ana-white.com/, which is my favorite DIY website!  They turned out so great, and we knew we wanted to make one for James.  So, the day after we got home, Steven started the project using a very similar plan....with his own twists, of course.  :)  It turned out great, and will be easy to transform into a bunk bed if it ever needs to be.  James was a big helper, of course, handing Dad screws, vacuuming up the sawdust, and jumping on the bed!  Steven had a blast using his new air compressor and nail guns....made this project much faster! 

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Legaspi Family said...

What an awesome bed! James looks so proud of his new big boy bed! So cute!