Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our trip to LA

Lower Alabama, that is!  Enterprise, AL to be exact, home of Ft. Rucker where some of my dearest friends now live.  James and I took a took a quick trip down there last week to visit and had an amazing time!  Erin just had her 2nd sweet baby, Owen Daniel, and this was the first chance I had to meet him.  What a doll!  He is such a good baby and his big sister, Claire, is so much fun.  James followed her around like a shadow, giggling non stop all week!  We had so much fun! 

Luckily Holly and Ava were able to hang out with us every day too!  Oh how I miss those ladies!  We also met up with our friend, Haley, whom I had just started hanging out with in Clarksville before we moved to GA.  She is about the sweetest person you'll ever meet and her kids are adorable.  She had us over for lunch and pampered us with a delicious crab cake lunch!

Of course, time with Erin wouldn't be complete without a craft!  We each started a spring wreath which included a moss covered letter that the girls helped us paint.  She also gave me some good tips on working with my new camera, editing photos, and the amazing cutting machine that does magical wonders...I must get one!  She has been such a special and real friend to me, oh how I miss living 5 minutes from her.  She and her husband will be moving to a new duty station this June, hopefully it will be someplace they want...and a fun place for us to visit! 

 Erin, me, Holly

 Erin and sweet baby Owen
 Haley and her delicious crab cakes!  Below with her daughter, Maggie and Owen.

 The kid's table!

James loved Claire's Power Wheels!  He could push the gas but didn't quite master was interesting!  The kids woke up every morning begging to go play outside, they had so much fun :)


Erin said...

I teared up reading your post. I miss you so much and wish we lived closer. Who knows, maybe we'll be roommates next year if Daniel goes to Korea and Steven deploys :) Hahaha!

Legaspi Family said...

We sure did enjoy your visit here to LA! Wish we all still lived in the same town. You and James brought the sunshine with you when you came with your warm smiles and sweet outlook on life. Let's plan another get together soon!