Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Drama

I got a call from Steven around 5:30pm on Valentine's Day and the first thing out of his mouth was... "You didn't get the flowers, did you?"  He knows that the second anything fun happens at the house, I either call or text him at work, and when he went all day without any word from me, he knew something went wrong.  He came home upset he could hardly look at me.  He felt horrible.  The flowers he ordered didn't come.  He was empty handed.  He couldn't get hold of the florist.  He was beyond frustrated.  It really was kind of sweet how mad he was :)  We decided to just celebrate Valentine's Day on the 15th so he could make up for it. 
It's 9:30pm, we're watching NCIS (I'm watching with my eyes closed) on the couch and I get a phone call.  It's the flower delivery man parked out front of our house with a vase of gorgeous roses.  The poor guy was still delivering flowers and had a few more to go!  He saved the day and Steven's blood pressure!  They are gorgeous flowers!  Love you and thank you, Steven.

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